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what’s the story?

Did a marketing degree at The University of QLD (Grad 2014).
Spent 3 years in London and Berlin (2015).
Worked at Macquarie Bank, Deliveroo, NTS Radio and Cashmere Radio.
Visa ran its course so I moved back to Brisbane (2018).
Wanted to expand my design skills so I studied Graphic Design at Shillington (2019).
Moved to Melbourne just in time for lockdown. 🆒
Doing some freelancing but on the job hunt.

what am I up to?

Learning new tools like TouchDesigner, Blender and Glyphs.
Finding the best Bánh mi 
280+ day German Duolingo streak.
Making music that you might not like.
Doing a few freelance projects and working at a nightclub.
Looking to find a team to help push my skills to the next level.