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like mind

A brand identity for Brisbane based collective Like Mind. A platform that enables charity within the community

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• brand identity

We started the project by establishing what Like Mind was and what it’s looking to do. I understood Like Mind was going to be more than a simple events series and pushed for a clean and minimal identity that future collaborators could work with, not against. 
Like Mind is all about community engagement and giving designers, photographers, illustrators and other creators the opportunity to leave their mark on each project.
We decided on a type logo so I created a custom typeface in Glyphs. Sans-serif worked to keep its presence minimal and I tried to create its profile square but the kerning on k & e couldnt be ignored.


I chose the three colours to give the brand some character for when it’s not being used in more bespoke promotional material. I kept the colours in the pastel realm so they wouldn’t distract the audience but give the monochrome logo something to standout on. Gradients and light use of noise help instill a sense of calm and interact more gently with the logo.
Green was chosen as a representative of the environment as Like Mind aim to make sure their activities are sustainable. The pink represents the femine qualities as its led by two woman and they actively engage female contributors and collaborators. The yellow serves as a medium between the two while also amplifying a sense of positivity.