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2019 saw streaming services cement themselves in the music landscape so its only fitting they contribute more to the scene’s they reach from.

• microsite ui 

Agandire was chosen as it has plenty of character despite being a sans serif typeface. Treating it with multiple layers gives the website more visual depth in contrast to the gentle gradients and bold silhouettes.

High contrast orange with black and white give the site a level of intensity that better reflect the feeling of 2019. Silhouettes referencing more global aspects of 2019 give context to the content being highlighted in the articles and stats.

The reader is presented with multiple opportunities to engage with the streaming service via ‘listen here’ links. The final subscription call to action is placed at the bottom as to capture any casual readers while not being too in the face of existing subscribers at the start.

Microsites often have to work across multiple platforms and devices. I looked to make sure the differences across desktop, tablet and mobile would be indistinguishable.